Bite of a Vampire Book 1


Name: Bite of a Vampire

Author: Anna Belsky

Published: August 20, 2016 by Anna Belsky

Purchased: August 24, 2016, free on Kindle, recommended to read by the author, $0.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: I never was a romance novel kind of girl, maybe that’s why I decided to get in the business of proving that love was meant to be unfaithful. Call me bitter but my full name is Emily Johnson, and I work as a private investigator for Jonesville Extramarital Affairs. It’s my daily job to investigate, snap photos of and usually proves that a spouse has found someone else to dilly-dally with. It was a bit of a dream job after having my own respect and dignity broken so many times in college by a guy named Robert, Bob for short. I don’t hold a grudge against him, he was my first, and he taught me that love relationships are not really things that exist. My best friend Abby doesn’t believe me so I decided to prove my point and become a Private Investigator.

On this night Emily’s world turns upside down when she comes across a vampire attacking one of her investigations. She is swept into a world of the supernatural and must draw from all her experiences as Private Investigator to survive… or so she thinks until she meets Michael.

Review: I’m so glad that this was a short book, I most likely wouldn’t have been able to finish it. I did debate on whether or not to finish it as I was reading though.

There was no emotion, no connection. I was bored and felt like this was a first draft with no editing or proof-reading because of all the typos. It just seemed like the author typed it up and sent it out into the world without even reading it herself let alone anyone else.

Even with the romance, it seemed to go by too fast for me to really get a connection going. The sex part didn’t really have anything leading up to it, she as just eating and then wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I kind of skimmed over that part.

And the ending, that was just disappointing. I can’t really recall if I’ve read any books with a love triangle but this was just done in a bad way.

Now, I’m alright with a little repeat but the major one that made me shake my head and put down my Kindle was just…glaring. She got in the truck and wondered how far she had walked…He handed her into the truck and she wondered how far she had walked. That really threw me off.

All-in-all, I really wouldn’t recommend to anyone who isn’t starting out in the paranormal romance genre. This may be a good starter book but that’s about it.

Thank you for reading my review.




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