Sweet and Sour Sisters Part 1 & 2

Name: Sweet and Sour Sisters Part 1 & Part 2

Author: Joselyn Krimbell

Published: Part 1 May 9, 2016, Part 2 May 12, 2016 by Joselyn Krimbell

Purchased: Free promo on Kindle on May 16, 2016, $2.99 on Kindle now.


Blurb: (Part 1) Angeline Cheung, a young and ambitious woman traveled with her sister, Madeline, from Hong Kong to New York on behalf of her job.

She was fascinated by her young and handsome colleague. Trent Roberts. Angeline was unwittingly attracted to Trent and he knew it, though he prefers to keep their acquaintance casual. His heart was still on rampage from a past relationship with a charming belle from Shanghai.

Trent, through Angeline, will come in contact with Madeline who will break the barriers of his heart once more. Her wits and rare beauty serves as a better challenge to his hardened heart. Perhaps she is the woman meant for him.

Which sister will he walk down the aisle with? When tragedy struck, can love alone conquer all life’s challenges?

(Part 2) Angeline is determined to free herself from the cruel twist of love. She plunges into a life of misery as she tried to free her emotional bondages. What fate could be in store for Angeline, Madeline and Trent? Can a love so complicated prevail?

Review: The story itself was a good idea but the execution of it could have been better. The only thing I really had a problem with was the writing. There were some sentences that didn’t really make sense to me, a few typos here and there and the way some of the sentences were written made it sound like the narrator was telling me her everyday actions as she was doing them.

The writing needs more detail. I don’t really know what the characters look like, I don’t really know how their voices sound. What does manly mean? Is his voice deep and sound like melted chocolate or velvet? The hall that amazed the character, what about the hall amazed her? Descriptions make a story come alive and while I liked the story, I just felt disconnected from it.

Like the little black dress that she wore, what did it look like? Did it look like the little black dress that Victoria Beckham wore in The Spice Girls Movie?


Or was there detail? Did it flare out at the hips? All of this helps readers to visualize what’s going on in the book and better connect to the characters.

Now, I could tell that this was supposed to be highly emotional but the connection just wasn’t there. Also, there wasn’t really any sense of time. I didn’t know if it was weeks, months, or years later, all I know is one thing was happening and then something else completely different was happening. It was very abrupt.

I think if the writing had more detail and descriptions and I could connect to the characters, I would have been bawling near the end but it just seemed to happen too fast.

Thank you for reading my review.



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