Love and Fidelity Part 1 & 2

Name: Love and Fidelity Part 1 & Part 2

Author: Joselyn Krimbell

Published: April 20, 2016 by Joselyn Krimbell

Purchased: Free promo on Kindle May 16, 2016, Part 1 $0.99 & Part 2 $2.99 on Kindle


Blurb: (Part 1) Becoming childhood sweethearts – it was the best way to fall in love. There was only purity, innocence, and hopefulness in that kind of relationship. For Henry Zhang and Amanda Smith, that was their reality. They moved from one stage of life to another together – from graduating high school and university to learning to manoeuvre life in their twenties. Marriage was only a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

After a year of marriage, Henry was forced to move to New York for an offer he couldn’t resist. With the long-distance relationship, cracks in their marriage started to surface. Everyone said ‘love was enough’, but was it really? Childhood sweethearts – it was the best way to fall in love. But can two people really spend their entire lives together forever?

(Part 2) Living on opposite coasts, Henry and Amanda learned and experienced what life was after separation. For Amanda, being a single mother couldn’t be better. It was tiring having to raise an infant, but she had her family and friends there to support her. Even then, nothing was more fulfilling than raising her son and seeing him grow every day.

As for Henry, life wasn’t exactly what he expected. It was worse. His mistakes and sins were finally catching up to him. He was in a relationship with a teenager who was asking for much more than what he could give. Not to mention teenager’s mother, Isabella, was making life in the office unbearable for Henry.

When Henry try to come back into Amanda’s life, old wounds are opened and new problems come up. There’s a saying ‘love is sweeter the second time around’. Will Amanda and Henry get their ‘happily ever after’ together or apart?

Review: I actually kind of liked the writing a little more than the Sweet and Sour Sisters books. The words the author used weren’t so out there and I could understand the sentences more.

This was published before the Sweet and Sour Sisters so I can’t really say it still feels like the narrator is telling me exactly what she’s doing as she’s doing it but it does feel that way.

I connected more with the characters in these books but not as much as I would have liked too. If you read the spoiler, you can see that I connected enough to go on a little rant.

*Warning: Spoiler*

I also don’t know how I feel about a grown man and a fifteen/sixteen year old, especially when the “shocking” news is delivered. Shocking to him, not to the readers. All he’s worried about is being sued? That’s it? Not about possible jail time and being entered into the sex offender registry?

I feel no pity for Henry, it’s his own fault, everything that happened is his and the teens fault. She should have known better, having unprotected sex with an older man, what did they think was going to happen?

*End spoiler*

I liked that there was more of a sense of time here, a year here, a year there, a few months here. I knew how much time had passed and there was a little more detail in where they worked, though there could have been more, I still couldn’t picture anything in my head.

I also feel like the story wasn’t really wrapped up, it feels like there’s more that could said, another story could be written? It just didn’t really feel like an end, it kind of felt like a cliffhanger.

Thank you for reading my review.





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