Dark Hunger: Dark Series Book 14

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Name: Dark Hunger & Manga Version

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: August 28, 2004 by Jove

Purchased: July 26, 2012, both $2.99 on Kindle


Taking a small break from the major vampire plot line to advance the jaguar plot line the readers learned about first in Dark Symphony, but this time with non-evil women who can shift.

The relationship happened super fast but don’t they all when it’s a novella? Riordan is so sweet and funny, I don’t know if it’s him being the youngest of five brothers or not but Rafael could use a few lessons on how to court your lifemate.

I would say that the reaction of Solange and Jasmine to Riordan was a little fast but it’s a short story so, things need to happen quickly.

Riordan is also a little different from others I’ve read about, he’s a little more laid back  and teases her almost straight away instead of wondering when was the last time he was teased, even though he was tortured.

The manga version, or comic since it isn’t done like a traditional manga, is a great companion to have. Little things from the actual book have been changed but not major things.

The art is excellent, the characters are drawn so well that I can’t imagine them looking any other way and I don’t want too.

Having both the book and the manga gives the readers an excellent visual when reading other books, such as when Jasmine and Solange pop up again.

Thank you for reading my review.



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