The Scarletti Curse: Dark Series 9.5


Name: The Scarletti Curse

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: March 1, 2001 by Love Spell

Purchased: Years ago, $3.99 on Kindle


A prequel to Dark Symphony and a stand-alone, I loved this book. I’m sure I’ll be writing that for most of the authors books, she’s a great author.

The plot was amazing and while the couple didn’t really get all that much time together, I could still feel the connection between them, especially when they spent some much needed time together in the hills.

I also really loved the fact that Giovanni was completely open with Nicoletta about what he was meeting people about and he readily answered her questions of course, after getting over his bout of jealousy about a few of those questions.

Usually, when it takes the woman this long to accept the man I get frustrated but I could understand it this time and even though she didn’t fully trust her husband, she tried to make things work for her.

The mystery was amazing, I never had a clue as to who was the culprit was when I first read this. I remember gasping and I was literally on the edge of my seat.

There were a couple of characters that I felt didn’t really feel further the story, that they were just for shock value. Maybe because I didn’t feel any kind of connection with them? Ignoring that though, everything else lined up, the other characters helped the story progress.

I know this is a stand alone and I don’t have to read this with the Dark Series, it doesn’t progress that story line or anything, just gives the readers a backstory on Antonietta and the family members she mention but I like reading it with the Dark Series, gives a nice little break from the vampires.

Thank you for reading my review.



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