Books That Stick With Us


*This personal post may contain spoilers of the book I’m talking about, read at your risk.*

I was thinking about the books I’m re-reading and the books I’ve read and when I saw my Kindle app on my computer showing me a picture of the book Consequences, I realized that this book has literally been on my mind since I read it. In the back of my mind for the most part but I tend to find myself thinking about it.

Quite a few books have really stuck with me, Dark Celebration being one of them I think because it’s my favorite book but Consequences was powerful. I may have given it three stars but that’s because I thought it could have been much better if the author had written more in the characters head instead of what was physically happening to her.


I’m not really sure why this book has stuck with me, maybe because it’s one of the first ones that didn’t end on a happy ending and it was kind of brutal, even if it wasn’t descriptive. Maybe because the guy made me really uneasy even though he had appeared to change and then the happy ending is ripped away?

I compared it to Blood Toy and while I stand by that comparison, that book ended a little better than this one and gets the readers anxious for that next girl he’s talking too.

Has any book stuck with you like this one stuck with me? Maybe this post will make you think and realize that a book you think you haven’t thought about has really been in the back of your mind this whole time.



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