Dark Fire: Dark Series Book 6


Name: Dark Fire

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: August 1, 2001 by Love Spell

Purchased: Years ago, $7.99 on Kindle


*Warning: This will contain spoilers*

I loved this book. I remember when I first read this, years ago, I was expecting Darius to be like Gregori first was, imposing his will upon his lifemate but my goodness, he was so sweet and didn’t try to curb-tail her freedom as much as the others did in their books.

I’ve told you about my little journal before, in Dark Gold, and I didn’t put down any bad notes because there weren’t really any bad notes to write down. Here are some of the notes I made.

This story had a lot of firsts in it and I don’t know if it’s because Darius wasn’t raised with his people. The first woman to kind of be successful in running away, she got a good distance from him before he found her, twice.

Darius actually acknowledges that he can’t treat her the way he treats the group, expecting her to follow his orders without question but then he does it anyway? I don’t know, that may be the only slightly bad note I put in the little journal.

Barack, until the end, has changed from the last book and I find it funny, he’s a little whiner but it’s cute.

This book focuses more on the couple instead of the group but maybe that’s because the readers already know the group?

Cullen is another Gary, though he isn’t told the whole truth, he’s still kept in the dark about Carpathians and the readers don’t really get to see him much.

I don’t know if I should give kudos to Darius or Tempest. Darius for being the first one that I know of to make the decision to grow old and die with her and Tempest for being the first one to choose the conversion. I don’t know if I should give kudos for that at all because the others were either accidents or the men saving their lifemates life.

I do kind of wish that Barack and Syndil got their own book instead of sharing the spotlight with Darius and Tempest but I understand it, there’s really not much to say that wasn’t said in this book and the last one.

There was danger, though no vampire this time, Darius and Tempest still managed to have plenty of time together and I felt a very strong connection between them, especially when they teased each other. I was basically smiling throughout most of the book because Darius is surprisingly funny.

I was surprised that Darius knew how to tease, it didn’t really seem like he had a whole lot of that in his background. Gregori at least had Mikhail and Raven to give him a hard time.

This is exciting, everyone in the band has found their lifemate except for Dayan and I’m very eager for his book because it is so, so sweet, my heart melts just thinking about it. Sadly though, his book isn’t for a while so, have to wait.

While there is action and more emotions than I let on, I would say that this is mostly fluff that will make you say “aww” and make you smile, mixed with a little bit of non-fluff.

Thank you for reading my review.




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