Dark Magic: Dark Series Book 4


Name: Dark Magic

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: July 1, 2000 by Love Spell

Purchased: Years ago in paperback, July 9, 2013 $5.69 on Kindle, $7.99 now on Kindle


Warning: Will contain spoilers and a trigger warning for one scene of rape.

This is such a great book. There’s so much to keep the reader going and not just the action, I was more captivated by the progression of the relationship than by anything else.

Seeing this big, bad hunter, whom everyone fears, with Savannah was really interesting to read, from him trying to humor his lifemate when she was trying to talk to him, to him tell her to kill him after the beast takes over and then he turns into a big softie.

Every time Gregori is mentioned, in past or future books, I swear he steals my heart. I really thought that this book was very appropriate for him and Savannah, even with him attacking her.

That needed to happen, I don’t condone it and as horrible as it was, so Gregori could grow and come out of the dark ages and that he needed to compromise to make Savannah happy.

And Gary, he was an amazing character that was also needed to help Gregori and the connection between all three characters was amazing. Gary also steals my heart and I can’t wait to read his story Dark Promises, it’s going to be so great.

After seeing Gregori in the last three books, it’s so great to see him tease and be teased, to have fun, especially with a human after he basically got on to Mikhail for his friendship with Father Hummer.

The book even talks a little bit about Julian, getting the readers ready for his book.

After that one scene, this was an amazing, sweet, cute book and yet it was also filled with action and mystery.

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  1. I liked it as well, but was not in love with this story. Sometimes with the characters that are larger than life, it seems difficult to write their story. It kinda creep me out with Gregori being older or close to the age the Prince and later marrying the Prince’s daughter. I mean they are all older than dirt, but just the thought that he’s now Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky’s son-in-law seemed weird to me. lol


    1. I thought it was pretty funny that Gregori is now his son-in-law, especially when we see them in later books and the banter between them, it really shows that Gregori has grown from being this dark and gloomy person to someone who can actually joke. I mean, he joked a little before but now it’s funny because he has his emotions and I think the author brings that to life. In the first two books, when Gegori and Mikhail would joke, it was dry because you just knew that it wasn’t real but, for me at least, there’s a real connection now. Especially in Dark Celebration when Mikhail invokes his ‘father-in-law’ right lol

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      1. Yes, now that he has emotions and can joke around :), but for me there was something lacking. I read it a while ago, and remember not liking it as much as others I have read. I think her being forced to choose a mate without enjoying her childhood and then the choice being this old man. My favorite novel in the series is “Dark Fire” with Darius and Tempest.


    2. And, the creepy thing could be said for many of the books. Raven, Shea and Alexandria are pretty much in their twenties as well with ancient Carpathians as their lifemates, and it’s only after Dark Fire that the Carpathians just seem to get older lol

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