Dark Desire: Dark Series Book 2


Name: Dark Desire

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: December 1, 1999 by Love Spell

Purchased: Years ago, $2.99 on Kindle


I love this book. I think I love it even more than I do Dark Prince. I have no problems with this book. Shea had the common sense that Raven seemed to be lacking or maybe that was because her love interest was recovering for half of the book.

I feel like this story had everything a reader looks for in a great book; action, mystery, psychological issues, tension, emotions, romance.

I loved that the author explained what happened in the beginning, letting the readers live through it instead of just telling the audience through flashbacks . I think it really helps the readers to understand the hero and really hope for his recovery.

Not a boring spot to be found in this story, everywhere you look there’s something going on. Even when there was no danger and it was just the couple together, there would be something to spice it up.

I also loved that the author brought in the others, especially Gregori. Now you’ll have to endure a little fan-girling about this particular character.

Even though his book isn’t until later, seeing Gregori really gets the readers connected to him, they just hope he gets his story. I know from experience because a friend of mine is borrowing these books from me and she was very anxious about him.

These books are really a lesson in not judging these creatures by human standards.

Thank you for reading my review.



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