Heart of the Sea: The Others Book 10.5


Name: Heart of the Sea

Author: Christine Warren

Published: April  5, 2011 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Purchased: December 25, 2011, free on Kindle.


I’m giving this four stars instead of five because it is so short! 25 pages, I need more of this couple and it’s disappointing not getting a full story with them. This was actually the first book I got when I got my Kindle.

Now, I know this is out of order but I honestly forgot about this book until I was looking for Dark Prince on my Goodreads To Read list and I saw this. I had forgotten that it was so short and I was surprised when I turned that last page.

This really could have been an amazing novel, in 25 pages I was hooked. This novella is right up there with Big Bad Wolf and On The Prowl. I feel like my review is either going to be short or very repetitive so, let’s see how this pans out.

I had read this back in 2011, which you probably figured out since I told you that this is the first book that I got on my Kindle, and I was still surprised by the ending. Although, that could be because it’s been five years since I read this and I forgot about it.

Now, one thing that I didn’t get was the whole skin thing, especially with books about other shifters; they just literally shifted their shape. When I imagined this in my head, it was rather horrifying.

I haven’t read all of the Others books but I’m sure that they are just regular shifters.

The author was great with this little novella, she even had me thinking that Jenny was being a very good fiancée and I was just as confused as Jenny when Richard was so calm, and the ending was so sweet it made my sweet tooth ache.

I think if someone wants some fluff in the Christine Warren world, they would do well to go ahead and download this book. It might even be a great introductory novella into the Others world, even though as far as I know the readers never see this couple again.

Thank you for reading my review.



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