Born to be Wild: The Others Book 15


Name: Born to be Wild

Author: Christine Warren

Published: February 27, 2010 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Purchased: Years ago, $7.99 on Kindle


First off that cover, while not the most beautiful in the Others series, unlike One Bite With a Stranger, On The Prowl and Hungry Like a Wolf, is still rather pretty. I feel like I really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I also feel like the ones with the beautiful covers have really made an impression on me. Although, Big Bad Wolf doesn’t have an extremely beautiful cover and I absolutely loved that one.

Now then, on with my actual review.

Not my favorite but it was a good book for the most part. I know I loved this book when I first read it but I also think that has to do with it was my first Christine Warren book so the series was new to me.

It was 50/50 for me in my opinion, 50% interesting and 50% boring. The boring parts were filled with talking about medicines and virus’ and just science in general and that isn’t really my forte. Then the author spent a good couple of pages listing all of the things the villain did in the past. Just one page would have been enough, not pages. I get it, he’s a bad dude, I don’t need to know everything he did in his past to know this.

Also, there was a major conversation that was never brought up again. I feel like if I tell you why it’s such an important conversation, I’ll be giving a spoiler so I’ll just say that he leaves before she can talk and she is pissed. I feel like that could have been an interesting conversation to read about.

Where they said the I love you’s felt tacky as well, they could have at least waited until they got out of the house.

The plot is a really good one but the romance would sort of just pop up, there didn’t really seem to be a good time for it and when it did come up, they had so little time together before the next thing came up to get the plot going.

Honestly, it’s a good enough book but I did skip a lot of detail there at the end, there was just too much of it and I got really bored.

Thank you for reading my review.




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