You’re So Vein: The Others Book 14


Name: You’re So Vein

Author: Christine Warren

Published: March 31, 2009 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Purchased: Years ago, $7.99 on Kindle


To be honest, Ava never was my favorite character. I never really liked her all that much. She’s always acted like a spoiled child when she didn’t get what she wanted. Your best friends left with someone you didn’t set them up with and ended up so happy and you hate them? I don’t feel like I’m giving away any spoilers because she makes no secret of it in the other books.

Her book didn’t really disabuse me of that notion, I still feel like she acts like a spoiled child when things don’t go her way. I just can’t relate to her at all.

Sure, the readers get a glimpse into her past, a little bit of emotion, and one day with Dima but the plot really overshadows it all.

Lots and lots of descriptions about clothes, because she’s a chic fashionista and the readers have to know that no matter what, she always looks good, and about the gear up for the attack. I really don’t care about all of that and I’m sure that other readers don’t as well.


I wouldn’t even call this a romance book, the couple only spent one complete day with each other and that was mostly him teaching her how to be a vampire, her basically throwing a hissy fit, them fighting, and when they do get intimate, I don’t feel any connection.

*End Spoiler*

Now then, I’ve got some notes that I made, just a few.

Her hands are tied above her head but she reached down to feel her neck? I don’t think so. She refuses to place any blame for anything on herself.


He didn’t force her to drink, he just showed her that she wouldn’t be able to control her hunger like she thinks she would and she fed.

*End Spoiler*

It feels like the author just kind of scratched the surface with these characters, gave the readers a big emotional glimpse into her past about why she acts like that and then they never speak of it again because the plot completely takes over.

Thank you for reading my review.



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    1. This just wasn’t the authors best book in my opinion, it seems like out of the five friends, Reggie, Missy, Danice, Corinne and Ava, only Reggie and Missy got decent books, Missy being the best out of the five of them. All the others really could be stand alone so you could skip this one no problem

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