One Bite With A Stranger: The Others Book 1


Name: One Bite With a Stranger

Author: Christine Warren

Published: January 1, 2003 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Purchased: December 28, 2014, $7.59 on Kindle, now $7.99


I honestly did not intend to read this book this soon, or even this series but, I didn’t want to continue on with another Christine Feehan series before Spider Game comes out on the 26th so, that’s where The Others Series comes in. I thought about reading some of the new books I haven’t read yet but this year I said I was going to re-read and review the books I have.

First off, I think that the cover is absolutely gorgeous, although I don’t really know what the wolf is doing on the cover when this is about vampires.

While I do love the book, the pace of the whole story wasn’t really there. It’s mostly about Dmitri and Reggie’s relationship and even then, it wasn’t really like they actually got to know one another. Dmitir mainly stayed inside her head and their bedroom time took up most of the story.

It was funny though, especially when the POV was Reggie’s. There are a few nicknames that make me laugh no matter how many times I read the book. For example, Mr. Ohlala and Mr. YumYum.

I felt the connection that I think the author was trying to go for but, I do wish that the couple had spent more time together, getting to know each other.

There was the beginning of a plot near the end but, like I said, bedroom time took up most of the story.

Thank you for reading my review.




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