Viper Game: Ghostwalkers Book 11


Name: Viper Game

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: January 27, 2015 by Jove

Purchased: January 12, 2015, $7.99 on Kindle


I read this book last year in January, when it came out, and I gave it a rating but I did not review it. Why, you might ask? Because I was waiting until I could re-read and review the Ghostwalker books, which is what I’ll be doing with the authors other series.

The review I wrote in my book journal is also not one that I want to type it, it was before I took my class and set up my blog to review book so it is just rife with spoilers. Fear not my fellow bookworms, I have another written down.

First off, let me talk about that cover. I honestly love it. The author probably could have slapped any kind of girl on there without the snake look but she didn’t and it’s beautiful. Gives me an even more vivid picture of what Pepper looks like when Wyatt thinks about her hair and eyes.

I was expecting Wyatt to be gentle and caring, as he was in Night Game but, that wasn’t the case. This isn’t exactly a romance book and when I first read it, I was focusing on the more intense, angry parts and while they do take up a bit of the story, there’s other parts that make me give this book a good rating, though not a five star.

In my book journal, before I started actually reviewing books, I sort of blamed Pepper for what happened between her and Wyatt but that’s not what I think now. He’s an idiot who needs to be knocked around by Gator and taught how to treat a woman when she needs his help.

This is the first book that I remember that when his woman cries, he gets angry. He tends to blame her for something she can’t control and constantly hurts her.

Wyatt is pretty much on the verge of being emotionally abusive, mostly when Pepper gets “hungry” and instead of trying to reassure her and love her, he gets angry and blames her. He does apologize but still, not a very healthy relationship.

The story itself is really good, I loved it. The romance, if you can call it that, wasn’t all that great. Don’t get me wrong, after Wyatt was done being a first rate jerk, he was really sweet but that’s all their relationship consisted of.

Also, multiple mentions of Gator and Flame but no appearances. I would have loved to see them.

Their relationship aside, I did love this team. I loved Trap and I can’t wait for his book in five days.

There were a few reviewers that didn’t like the new enhancements but, I found them to make the story more interesting and give it a little something extra.

Thank you for reading my review.



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