Murder Game: Ghostwalkers Book 7


Name: Murder Game

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: December 30, 2008 by Jove

Purchased: Years ago, $8.99 on Kindle


I know I’ve said some of the others have been one of my favorite Ghostwalker books but, this one is top of the list, my absolute favorite.

Hearing about Kadan in all of the other books and hearing how he’s been referred to, how calm and emotionless he is, he desperately needed Tansy.

I really liked how the story started off, putting space between the paragraphs when it switched POVs.

I think this is my favorite because it’s more psychological than physical. The way that the author gets the readers inside Tansy’s head when she’s in the head of the killers is written beautifully, getting you just as interested in her thinking process as Kadan is.

It’s a thick book and takes mostly till the end for the team to get everyone and there is a little action but as I’ve said, it’s mostly psychological and Kadan feeling helpless and trying to dictate to Tansy how to do her job.

I loved that it took its time, that it was as long as it was, giving the couple some much needed time to be together with everything going on, and giving the readers more interaction with the team, especially when they start teasing Kadan.

A little side note, with Ryland being back, I did expect a little insight into how the baby is doing.

Also, it was great to see another girl like Briony, actually adopted out, but her family treated her differently, in a good way.

If I wasn’t such a stickler for reading books in order, I would highly suggest reading this one first but, I am a stickler so, read the others first, get attached to Kadan and you’ll really be looking forward to his book.

Thank you for reading my review.



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