Conspiracy Game: Ghostwalkers Book 4


Name: Conspiracy Game

Author: Christine Feehan

Published: October 31, 2006 by Jove

Purchased: Years ago, $8.99 on Kindle


This has to be one of my favorite Ghostwalker books. In Mind Game and Night Game, Jack is mentioned maybe once or twice, we actually get to meet Jack in Mind Game, but the readers know that he’s supposed to be the boogie man of the sniper world, along with his brother Ken.

Honestly, seeing Gator get flustered with they met him in Mind Game just moved Jack up the list to being my book boyfriend.

I really feel like this book really fits with Jack, it’s what I expected when I didn’t even know what to expect. I’m really glad that the author kept Ken with them, she could have easily sent him on him on a mission but we would’ve missed all of the bantering and feeling how much of a teddy bear Jack is.

It gave the story a few funny parts with said bantering and with their pasts and their fear of turning into the monsters they think they’ll become, it’s so good and cute to see how Jack is with Briony and Ken.

It’s action-packed, though not overwhelming. It gives the couple a chance to get to know each other and establish a fun little relationship while trying to come to terms with how they feel about each other. Well, with how Briony feels about Jack.

Now, I do kind of wish that the author kept to one team, getting the rest of Ryland’s team paired off instead of going onto another group but, I can kind of understand it with her writing process. Honestly, the books are wrapped up enough that they could also be stand alones so a reader can keep the Army Ghostwalkers together and the Navy Ghostwalkers together but, I can’t deviate from the order.

I love the twins and I’ve already read Ken’s books so, get ready for a review either later today or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my review.



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