Silent Truth: B.A.D Agency Book 4

Name: Silent Truth Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love Published: April 20, 2010 by Pocket Books Purchased: 2015, free bin at 2nd & Charles, $6.99 on Kindle. ☆/5 I got to chapter 11 and I just couldn't do it anymore. When it feels like I'm struggling to reach the end of the book and it's... Continue Reading →

The Pre-Review

Geek Sneak Peek

I have a conundrum. I hate pre-reviews. You know the reviews that people put up on books before they are released. The 5 star ratings that say “I CAN’T WAIT!!!” with unicorns and rainbows, but they haven’t actually read the book yet. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. They make me so crazy for these two reasons the most:

  1. They dilute any real ARC reviews. If I’m looking at reviews to purchase a book, I can’t trust the rating because who knows how many 5 stars are just people that are excited to get a book. The ARC readers could be rating it 5 stars but now the true average is skewed.
  2. It hurts the authors and publishers. They tend to get alot of likes, so they are at the top. This is a problem because when I’m looking for an actual review, all I find is…OMG when am…

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