Black Jack: Elite Ops Book 4


Name: Black Jack

Author: Lora Leigh

Published: January 1, 2010 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Purchased: November 12, 2015, $3.00 at 2nd & Charles, $7.99 on Kindle.


I had no idea how I was going to feel about this book, Travis wasn’t really there in the last books, he was just a minor side character, even in Heat Seeker. I loved it.

The suspense of it kept my going back for me and if I didn’t have to work, I’m sure I would have finished it yesterday afternoon.

This one was a bit repetitive but I didn’t really care about it because some of it was only mentioned every now and again while the rest of it I understood because she wanted and needed her memories back.

Again, this author has surprised me with who the antagonist was. This is twice now that this has happened and when I’m able to get Renegade and Live Wire, I’m probably going to be suspecting everybody.

The writing just pulls me in, sucks me right into this world of death and deception and I’m loving it! This is how you write a non-paranormal book, you make it interesting and have descriptive yet simple writing.

I really need to get the series before this one and I believe that I’m going to be re-reading these books over and over again, this author is right up there with my favorite author, Christine Feehan, in my book.

That ending, oh my goat, this was one of those emotional endings that I’ve been missing since…Searching for Moore, except this ending was happy instead of anxiety inducing, and All Fired Up.

I’m not really sure but it seemed to me that there were more steamy scenes in this one than in the others but, I don’t know.

I would definitely recommend this series to those looking for something hot and action packed to add to their library.

Thank you for reading my review.



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