Favorite Book


Just like the picture that I posted, a favorite book can be like magic to the reader. It’s your absolute favorite book, the one that you can re-read again and again, falling in love with the characters each time. It feels like you’re with an old friend. At least, that’s how I feel.

I actually can’t pick a favorite book, I have so many that I’ve gone back to and have basically destroyed because of how much I read them. There’s Dark Magic, Dark Celebration, I know my Harry Potter series is starting the fall apart as well, Through Wolf’s Eyes is on its last legs. But I keep going back to them.


Those are safe places for me, I get to meet the characters all over again, or in the case of Dark Celebration see all the characters together for Christmas. I greet them like old friends and when I go back to read, I end up finding out new things that I might have skipped last time.

Next year, I plan to stop reading books from my TBR pile so I can re-read the books I have and review them, introduce my followers and fellow readers to my best friends. Do I love all of Christine Feehans books? No. Do I go back to read them anyway? Yes, because that is their world and I can’t just skip them because I fell in love with them in other books where the characters were set to the side, so I want to get to know them again.

My question to you is, do you have a favorite, worn down book that you feel is your best friend? Or, not as extreme, just a comfort to read. If you can’t pick a favorite book, tell me about your favorite series or favorite author.



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