Shizzle, Inc.: Isa Maxwell Book 1


Name: Shizzle, Inc.

Author: Ana Spoke

Published: September 4, 2015 by Ana Spoke

Purchased: September 12, 2015, free, now $0.99 on Kindle


Since reading this, I have found that I actually take my books seriously. I am the type of person to get lost in a really good novel, so much so that someone sometimes has to repeat my name to get my attention.

That said, I could not get lost in this book but, maybe that’s the point? I know that it’s supposed to be a parody and funny, I get that, I really do however, maybe parodies just aren’t my cup of tea?

Now don’t get me wrong, while I wasn’t laughing at all of the outrageous things going on, I do have to admit that it was interesting.

The writing was excellent, the story flowed and while it was kind of all over the place, I did like that I felt Isa was sitting across from me telling about this crazy thing that happened in her life.

Sometimes it was a little overwhelming, especially when her family got together or even if it was just her dad, people trying to talk all at once, feeling just a little crowded.

Honestly, I liked it though I’m not sure that I’m really cut out to read parodies the way they’re meant to be read.

I don’t even have any problems with it because I understand what the author was going for and why it was written the way it was written. If I didn’t, trust me, I would have a long list and it would be a one star review instead of a three.

The way I reacted to it, I’m sure that’s just me. I’ve actually learned something about myself from reading this and I don’t want to send mixed signals but if you’re looking for a fun read that will have you rolling on the floor laughing, go ahead and pick this up.

I hope that everyone can read this the way it’s meant to be read and can enjoy it for the light-hearted funny book it is, something that I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do.

Thank you for reading my review.



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