Heart of the Hunter: Dragon Chalice Book 1


Name: Heart of the Hunter

Author: Tina St. John {A.K.A. Lara Adrian}

Published: January 1, 2004 by Ivy Books

Purchased: August 6, 2015, free on Kindle.


The prologue was amazing, I actually got really excited when I read it. It was like I had a dramatic storyteller in my head who just knew the right things to say to get the listener entranced.

That was where my excitement ended though. I thought it was going to be just this action-packed, rollercoaster of twists right from the get-go, I was excited. No, not at all.

Instead it’s full of lengthy descriptions and a bunch of sitting and talking. I couldn’t finish it, I was almost to the halfway mark when I just had to put it down.

Because of those lengthy descriptions it was like a movie playing in slow motion. It took a couple of a sentences to say he was putting his elbow on his knee. No thank you.

I really didn’t even feel any kind of connection between the characters even though they shared two kisses.

I could barely focus on this book, I just got so bored with it and it was just slow. I kept getting distracted until I just gave up. Even when the plot started to get going, there was no urgency for me, no excitement because those lengthy descriptions just slowed it down.

Can you see an ongoing theme here? The only problem I had was the plot was slow to get going and that detail.

Thank you for reading my review.



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