X, Y & Z


That’s right, I need help.

I have this book journal that I got for Christmas last year and I have set myself a goal of reading at least 180 books by December 25, 2015 since I got it on that day in 2014. Right now, I’m on my 170th book so ten more to go, yay!


Anyways, that is actually off the topic I want to discuss. In my book journal, it has the alphabet, six pages to every letter. Now, the letters that I’m having most trouble with is, go on take a guess…you guessed right, it’s x, y and z.

I thought that finding y and z would be easy, a bunch of you’re and zombie books, right? Wrong. The zombie books, most of the times, don’t have zombie actually in the title or it’s the subtitle.


I think I may be crippling myself though because I’m mainly looking for free fiction books. I can’t afford anything other than free, I have to save what money I have after bills for gas and food so, I’m very limited.

I’ve found one book that starts with X, actually from an author that I follow here, Sara C. Roethle, her book Xoe so, that will make up the first page in the X section of my book journal.


So, if you have any ideas about some good books with titles beginning with x, y and z, preferably free, I would really appreciate some comments about that.



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  1. If you live in the US, you could try looking for a nearby Little Free Library. They are small boxes/booths set up by volunteers and stocked with donated books. By nature, the selection would be limited, but it’s free and you never know what you’ll find!

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