Name: Unspoken

Author: Lisa Jackson

Published: November 1, 1999 by Zebra

Purchased: 2015 at 2nd & Charles, $5.38 on Kindle.


This had way too much going on in this book. There was, from what I could see, about six things going on and only four I felt were relevant to the story. The other two just felt like something added on to try to make it interesting but, it just felt overwhelming and unnecessary.

It was just so frustrating and there were some inconsistences as well.

First, missing action. One moment, they’re sitting down and then the next moment, they’re reaching for the door.

Second, there was a loud click on the phone, indicating that someone hung up, no evidence to the contrary, but he hears her call him a jerk?

Third, the TV is apparently muted but the noise elevated?

So this is the fourth book by Lisa Jackson that I’ve read, two books I’ve liked, Fatal Burn and If She Only Knew, and two books that did not impress me, Twice Kissed and this one. I have some more by her so, hopefully they are better. I think I see a pattern though, the two that I didn’t like are the old ones, before 2000 so hopefully, the others are better. I’m not sure how I feel about this author.

The writing in here was subpar and, with everything going on, cluttered. The characters were average at best, although I did kind of like the two main characters, except I really wanted to smack Shelby.

~Warning: The next paragraph is a little bit of a spoiler~

She kept acting like Nevada did this big, bad thing and she couldn’t trust him at all when there was no evidence to suggest otherwise. After a month of avoiding him, she pushed him away and because he thought she thought he was cheating on her, he tried to set the record straight that he wasn’t doing anything but she pushed him away even more. So, every time she said that she couldn’t trust him or something like that, I just wanted to reach through the book and smack some sense into her.

~End of spoiler~

I’m giving it two stars instead of one because, while the story itself was clutter-filled and very frustrating, the mysteries that I felt were connected to the story were written well enough to keep me reading and turning the pages to find out what happened.

Thank you for reading my review.



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