Redemption: Beartooth, Montana Book 2


Name: Redemption

Author: B. J. Daniels

Published: January 29, 2013 by Harlequin

Purchased: 2015, free bin at 2nd & Charles, $6.39 on Kindle.


In the beginning and somewhat in the middle, I was sure that I was going to give this book three stars, I only liked it but it wasn’t really impressing me. It wasn’t very exciting but it had just enough to keep me reading before it did get exciting halfway through the middle and the end, which is why I decided to give it four stars.

I really don’t like reading books out of order but, doing a little research, I figured it would be ok to read this even though I hadn’t read the first book. This book could be a stand alone, even though there are a couple of mentions to the first book. It’s just mentioned in passing and not something that I felt I was missing out on, though I do want to read the first book.

It was full of mystery and kept me wondering what was going to happen. There was also a little side story that kept the story from getting boring.

This could be a stand alone because everything seems to have been wrapped up, and wrapped up nicely, unlike other books that seem to be rushed.

The writing was descriptive but not too long, giving the reader a visual but not going on and on about it.

A western book that I didn’t find boring, maybe because it was set in modern times and was written well enough that I could feel the connection between the characters.

Back to the side story. Instead of taking away from the actual story, it added to it and the end of it while leave readers with their mouths hanging open, I know it effected me like that.

Thank you for reading my review.



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