Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports: Maximum Ride Book 3


Name: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Author: James Patterson

Published: May 29, 2007 by Little, Brown and Company.

Purchased: 2015 at 2nd & Charles, $7.99 on Kindle.


Very action packed, though a little crowded with everything going on that I can’t really recall what happens in the beginning. That’s alright though because it’s so engaging.

Finally, no forced romance in this book, unless it just isn’t obvious to me, though there is a good bit of teasing, which is understandable.

Quite a few plot twists in this story, a few surprises that I didn’t see coming, though this was my first time reading the book, I didn’t get a chance to read it years ago with the others.

I would say that one of the flock acts childish but, they are children who have had to grow up very fast so, I think they’re entitled to act like children every now and again.

Usually by the third book, the writing style changes or it just isn’t the same. Not the case with this book, the writing stays the same so I feel the urgency, the family connections, the anger and sarcasm. I am still loving these books.

Thank you for reading my review.



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