A Lush Triangle: Lush Prequel Novelette Book 0.5


Name: A Lush Triangle

Author: Selena Laurence

Published: September 27, 2014 by C. P. Writes, LLC

Purchased: August 10, 2015, free, now $0.99 on Kindle.


Maybe I did this wrong, I read the prequel that was written after the first book, and I guess prequels are written like that to give information about something that happens in the first book that the reader doesn’t know happened or doesn’t know how it happened. Either way, I read this first and maybe I shouldn’t have because I don’t know how I feel about it.

I gave it three stars because I do like it and I do want to go on with the series but, with it being a novelette and moving just a little fast to get what happens put together, I wasn’t able to connect to the characters. I couldn’t get a feel for them or get a proper connection.

Now, like I said, I may have done this wrong and now I know better because I’ve already started A Lush Betrayal and I’m getting the connection. Maybe if I had read this later on, I could give a proper review but, as it is, I may have to edit this later.

I’m going to hold off on recommendations, although I know I haven’t really been doing those lately, until I finish A Lush Betrayal but, this is just a quick review of what I’ve already read of the series.

Thank you for reading my reviews.



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