Hot Package: Hostile Operations Team Book 3


Name: Hot Package

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Published: February 11, 2014 by H.O.T. Publishing, LLC.

Purchased: May 31, 2015, free, now $5.99 Hostile Operations box set, $2.99 individually on Kindle.


This one was a little different in that they didn’t know each other when they were kids like the first two books but, there is still emotional history, although their childhoods did have an affect on how they reacted to each other.

Even though this was another novella, it had just enough action to keep it from being boring, although once again, the chemistry between them would have been fine by itself.

I think I’ve just found a new favorite author even though it’s not paranormal romance. This author knows just how to write an emotional yet funny story, rife with mystery and action while keeping things tense and sizzling hot.

She doesn’t put anything in the background, plot and romance get equal footing. I love these books and I want more, I suspect others will as well.

Thank you for reading my review.



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