Hot Mess: Hostile Operations Team Book 2


Name: Hot Mess

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Published: September 26, 2013 by H.O.T. Publishing, LLC

Purchased: May 31, 2015, free, now $5.99 Hostile Operations box set, $2.99 individually on Kindle.


I do wish that it was a bit longer, there’s so much more that could have been done if it had just been as long as the first book. Although, given my misgivings about how short it is, this author really knows how to write emotionally connected characters, I have yet to be disappointed in these books.

This is another story of the characters knowing each other as children and I honestly like this idea. There’s too many stories out there about strangers meeting each other and you have to go through the meeting and small talk before getting down into the emotions but with this, all the readers have to go through is the frustration of the characters not getting their act together until the end of the book.

These books are just so full of angst and tension and I love that this author isn’t afraid of having the women make the first move. It’s kind of empowering actually. She’s not afraid that women can be just as bad as men, there’s no shame here.

While they are full of angst and tension, it’s also funny, I did find myself smiling a couple of times because of the sass level in this story.

I did think that the main female protagonist was a little childish with how she would push and push and push but, I’m not taking away a star for it.

For a novella, it was pretty well written and sometimes I even forgot that I was reading a short story until I looked at the chapters.

The ending was a little anticlimactic, it kind of resolved itself but, the book was at its end so, what can you do?

This author reminds me a little about my favorite one, Christine Feehan. A bit repetitive but the emotions between the characters are so intense, the readers are instantly enthralled.

Thank you for reading my review.



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