Consequences: Consequences Book 1


Name: Consequences

Author: Aleatha Romig

Published: August 3, 2011 by Romig Works

Purchased: July 25, 2015, free on Kindle.


This is not a love story. The author gives a warning before the story but there’s still the feeling that it might turn out to be a romance. Get that out of your head right now and accept that this is not a love story and you’ll be able to get through it. There’s no Beauty and the Beast ending here, although the author does a good job making the reader think that for a bit.

Thanks to B.K. Raine and her book Blood Toy, I think this is the second book I’ve read with no love story and the main female protagonist has to go through abuse and comes out of it stronger, although B.K. Raine was honest about it. This author tricks you.

It’s so long! Good Lord, it is so long. With it so long, I expected more along the lines of a psychological thriller type of book but no, if it was, it would have made a much more interesting read.

No, instead it’s a bunch of trivial filler nonsense, everyday things. I’m sure the readers do not need to know about what designers her clothes are from and we don’t need every detail about a wedding.

Give the readers more of how Claire is feeling, put us deep in her mind, don’t just show us the surface.

Honestly, I feel like it focused more on the clothes and how wealthy he was and surface filler junk that her freaking out about being held captive and being abused is downplayed, it’s not as much of a freak out as it should be.

Then, every so often, it would switch to another POV to something that seemed to have nothing to do with the story and it would throw me off, especially since it was spaced just enough that I would forget about it.

This book will make you angry and then bore you with unnecessary details. Once I accepted that it wasn’t a romance, I can admit that I did like it, even though I skimmed quite a bit.

If you can’t handle reading about physical and mental abuse, I would suggest skipping this book.

Thank you for reading my review.



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