Lust: Stay With Me Book 1


Name: Lust

Author: Emily Jane Trent

Published: March 8, 2015 by Camden Lee Press, LLC

Purchased: August 4, 2015, free on Kindle.


This would have been a great book if not for three things.

One, the writing was very simple and with that came the feeling of the author trying to reach word count again. The first few chapters are just full of small talk and I really can’t stand that in a book but, it’s so much better than her other book, Captivated.

The second thing was when they were getting intimate, he kissed and licked her toes and I almost gagged just writing that. This next one actually did make me gag, reading and writing it. After they were intimate, she…noticed his underarm hair and thought about licking and kissing him there, thinking it was sexy. That is just disgusting to me.

The third thing is, this guy apparently does not know how to act around a survivor of abuse. You don’t explode into violence, even to protect, and you don’t shout at them. Of course she’s going to react but he doesn’t get that. He’s just thinking “she doesn’t appreciate me protecting her, well if she’s going to act like that, then I’m done with her.” You know of at least one instance where she was hit and you’re going to act like that? Of course that doesn’t last, so everything works out.

Other than that, it was an alright read with a heart pounding twist at the end.

Thank you for reading my review.



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