Twin Souls: Twin Souls Saga Book 1


Name: Twin Souls

Author: DelSheree Gladden

Published: November 11, 2010

Purchased: July 28, 2015, free Gods and Mortals box set and individually on Kindle.


Although I don’t get why this particular book is in a box set titled Gods and Mortals, there didn’t seem to be any kind of god in this story, I actually did like it just fine, it was just so long. It should have been shorter.

I also think that the chapters in Claire’s POV after she was rendered unconscious were completely unnecessary. I mean she’s unconscious, you could probably slip in a little dream sequence within the other chapters but, the readers certainly don’t need a whole chapter, let alone two, of what we were given.

It almost felt like the author was trying to reach word count for an essay or something, I got that same feeling that I get when I have to do that. It was rambling a bit.

I honestly thought that it would have more action but the action that was there was very short lived.

The beginning was good, it set a decent pace but then it would slow down, pick back up, then slow down. Kind of like when you’re on the freeway and you’re stuck behind someone who is going the speed limit at one point and then breaking the flow of traffic by slowing down again. I blame that on it being so long.

I have a lot of questions that weren’t answered and it seemed like they should have been answered because of the things mentioned at the beginning of the book. Because of that, I couldn’t really focus on the connection, although come to think of it, I don’t know if there really was a connection and I don’t know if that was the characters themselves or because of the writing being just so-so?

It took me a couple of days to finish and not just because I had classes, those slow parts would just kind of bore me so I would put it down. Then I would get curious and pick it back up.

If you want a long book to read, for fun or on a trip, then go ahead and pick this one up, just be warned that it really isn’t that impressive.

Thank you for reading my review.


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