The Forgotten Ones: The Danaan Trilogy Book 1


Name: The Forgotten Ones

Author: Laura Howard

Published: May 15, 2013 by Finding Bliss Publishing

Purchased: July 28, 2015, free Gods and Mortals box set and individually on Kindle.


This was a little more interesting than the last book, Twin Souls, and it was a lot shorter. With that in mind, I really would have liked this to be a little bit longer.

I wanted more information and a little more reaction from Allison when she learns about this new land.

Again, I wasn’t all that impressed with this book, even though it was better than Twin Souls. Also, I’m not sure what these books have to do with gods and mortals, seeing as the box set I got them in is titled Gods and Mortals. Not really seeing any of that. At least in this one there’s immortal fairies, I guess that’s something.

Like I said, not that impressed but it was interesting enough to keep me reading. The way it was written, or maybe it was just the fast pace, didn’t really give this reader a chance to feel any connection between the characters, especially between the main character, Allison, and her love interest, Ethan. Well, I guess he’s her love interest?

The author just seemed to barely scratch the surface with the characters emotions. I expected more of a romance but Ethan spends more time with other girls than he does with Allison. Now, granted, one of those times wasn’t his fault but he could’ve controlled himself those other times.

Also, this is one of the first books that I can remember reading that spelled it fairy instead of Faerie, just my own personal observation, nothing really significant about it.

My main note is that is should have been longer but I am curious as to what the next books contain so, I might just be going on with the series in the future.

Thank you for reading my review


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