Werewolf Love Story Part 1: Entwined Book 1


Name: Werewolf Love Story Part 1

Author: H. T. Night

Published: May 26, 2011 by Worldwide E-Books

Purchased: August 1, 2012, free, now $2.99 box set and $0.99 individually on Kindle.


Unlike Vampire Love Story, this actually had the feeling of a love story, especially near the end.

Even though the writing is still choppy, it seems to have gotten better. I think that because it focused on Tommy’s feelings and not on what was going on around him, it actually let’s the readers connect to him on an emotional level instead of just the surface.

Getting the before story is something that authors either put in flashbacks or leave it out all together and the only series that is coming to mind with prequels is the Redwall series, which I love.

While writing this review in my journal, I was still reading the next book but, those entries don’t really mean anything anymore since I’ve finished them and you, my fellow bookworms and bookdragons, can see what rating I gave them on goodreads.

Somewhere, between writing Vampire Love Story and Werewolf Love Story, the author got better and I was hooked onto this series. I finished it and I really liked it.

I would really recommend people read this series instead of Vampire Love Story, it’s funny and emotional, it really lets the readers connect to the characters and really get into it instead of just scraping the surface.

Thank you for reading my review.


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