Books of the Past


In my last post, I said that I was going to talk about learning about myself from reading a book that I haven’t read in three years.

That can usually be a win/lose situation, depending on how good the book is and how the reader has grown and what types of things they like for a book to have, which can change over time, as I have recently found out.

In another post, I asked about favorite authors and I’ll expand on that another time but I bring it up because I have no problem re-reading books by my favorite author, Christine Feehan. I still have the first book I ever bought, back when I was a sophomore in high school, and I still love it.

I actually wonder I would have still liked those last books I reviewed if I hadn’t started reviewing.

I want to dare my followers, and anyone else who happens to read this post, to re-read a book that they haven’t read in a few years, minimum being three years.


I would prefer you read a book that you remember liking, maybe you’ll love it now or hate. After you read it, either comment on here and tell me what you thought, if you realize that you’ve grown in your reading and still love it or you find things that you just can’t get over. Or you can make your own post about it and review it.

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