Deviant: Blood & Roses Book 1


Title: Deviant

Author: Callie Hart

Published: February 12, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: June 12, 2015, free on Kindle.


Blurb: Sloane

I’m not proud of the things I’ve done.
The things I’ve had to do.
The things I’ve given away.
but I’d give it all over again to find her.

Even if i die trying,
I have to find Alexis.


She wants me to help her,
But I won’t.
She wants me to save her sister,
But I can’t.
She wants me to be her hero,
But I’m not a good man.

I am her damnation.

Review: Oh my goat. This was mixed with plot, a little BDSM, and a dash of funny. The BDSM wasn’t really all that much, just her being restrained to the bed but, I feel like there will be more in the next book.

That ending!! You can’t just leave it like that! You’ve got to finish what you started! Callie Hart, you are evil but I love it.

The only thing that I didn’t really like was how accepting she was of that side of things when it seemed like there was no evidence that she ever looked up anything about it or tried to explore it. That’s just me though, everything else was good.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started this, especially with the way it started.

It mainly focused on the relationship but it did bring up the plot enough that I didn’t feel like it was just background noise.

I went on to goodreads to look at the reviews and I did not expect it to be hard to find a low rating but, it’s most five and four star ratings. Well, I’m right there with them.

Only pick this book up if you don’t mind a little bondage and a bit of a “party scene” because even though it’s just two things, it can get intense.

Thank you for reading my review.



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