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Another post that isn’t a review because I’m struggling to get through this book I’m reading but, I want to keep the post a day thing going so, I want to talk about favorite authors.

Everyone has that author that you just can’t wait for their books to come out or, maybe it’s just one book that you’re fawning over so that author is your favorite.

For me, my favorite author is Christine Feehan, I have all of her books, every single one. I’ll be the first to admit that not all of her books are five stars and I do have some trouble reading through all of the repetition and one of her series is kind of going a bit downhill and I’m worried about the next book that comes out for that series. Maybe it’ll be worse than the last one.

Does that mean I won’t buy it? Hell no, I’ll buy all the books she puts out. Why? Because no matter how bad it gets, I’m invested in the many series she has and I’m curious about everyone the books mention.

Do any of you have a favorite author that you would buy anything from or are you not that invested and you can quit anytime?

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  1. Seanan McGuire and Ilona Andrews are both auto buy authors for me. I definitely haven’t liked everything they’ve written, but I’ll buy it anyway. Actually I like these authors enough to buy the physical book and the ebook.

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