Blood Toy: Book 1


Title: Blood Toy

Author: B. K. Raine

Published: June 29, 2015 by Benevolence Books

Purchased: Received free from the author in exchange for an honest review, $0.99 on Kindle.


Blurb: Diane Woods lost the luxury of having an ordinary life on the night a vampire killed her family while she slept. Since then, she has hunted their kind with singular purpose. It was only a matter of time before one started hunting her back. Though she’s been a lone assassin for three years, Diane will need more than the strength of her indomitable will to survive. She’ll need the help of some new allies–a few gifted humans, a witch and maybe even a demon or two–because her stalker won’t be hunting alone.

Christopher Desollador is not just out for blood. He intends to break her slowly. Considering the trail of bodies she left for him to follow, you could even say she was asking for it. One sadistic torment at a time, he will teach her what it means to be a victim…if he can keep his soul-eating master from killing her first.

Review: Many thanks to the author B.K. Raine for allowing me the opportunity to read this book before it comes out in return for a review.

I do feel the need to put a warning here so, this book is definitely not for everyone. It is not a romance, there is no love story here. The vampire is not a love interest and does not change. There is quite a bit of abuse and one scene of rape, though it is not graphic.

That said, it was an excellent read and I did not want to put it down. It was riveting, emotional and surprising.

One of the main surprises was how to kill the vampires and that’s one of the things that I’m not giving away, you’ll just have to read the book yourself. I will tell you however, take all of the vampire books you’ve read, along with all the ways to kill vampires and toss it out of your head. Even if you try, I bet you can’t guess the way to kill vampires in this one. It threw me for a loop, I’ll tell you that.

The different points of views in the story kept it very interesting and instead of taking away from the book, they meshed together to add to it. It all ties together seamlessly.

The main character keeps going even when all the odds are stacked against her and no matter what happens between her and the vampire, she never gives up on her mission.

This is an adult book that, in my opinion, made all of my other adult books seem suitable for children but, it was different and I’m excited for more from this author.

Mark your calendars for June 29, 2015 and get ready for the ride of your life.

Thank you for reading my review.



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