Forsaken: Daughters of the Sea Book 1


Title: Forsaken

Author: Kristen Day

Published: September 22, 2014 by Kristen Day Books

Purchased: May 10, 2015, free on Kindle.


Blurb: Once you’ve been touched by darkness, it never leaves you…

Seventeen year old Hannah spent her childhood wading through countless foster families until finally being adopted by a wealthy family from Georgia. Unfortunately, Atlanta’s high society wasn’t quite ready for Hannah… or the strange events that plague her. After being sent to a boarding school off the coast of North Carolina for kids ‘like’ her, she finds that things are never what they seem.

Chilling visions of murder, unexplained hallucinations, and a dark, mysterious guy who haunts her nightmares all culminate to set in motion a journey of self-discovery that will challenge everything she’s ever believed; not to mention her sanity.

When the ghost from her dreams appears in the flesh; her nightmares become reality and her dark visions begin coming true. Inexplicably drawn to him, she can’t deny the dangerous hold he has on her heart. The deadly secrets he harbors will ultimately test her courage and push the boundaries of her love.

She must decide if she is ready to embrace the ancient legend she is prophesized to be a part of. The fate of all the daughters of the sea will forever depend upon it.

Review: I’m not really sure what it was about this book that made me love it but, I just couldn’t get enough.

I wasn’t bored at any part of it, I was enraptured the whole way through and I didn’t want to put it down. I started it yesterday and the only reason I didn’t finish it is because I was passing out reading it.

The writing is probably one of the reasons I was so captivated by this book. It flowed and there was nothing wasted on anything that was unnecessary.

The characters are so diverse and they’re their own person. If you don’t know what I mean by that, I’ll do my best to explain it.

Most times when I read a book, and this mainly happens in youth novels when they’re in high school, it seems like the best friends of the main protagonist aren’t even best friends. They’re just friends with them…just because. The pattern that I’ve noticed is that even though they’re friends with that person, they just find them annoying and seem to barely tolerate them.

This one was different. Every friend was their own person and had their own personality that complemented the others. It actually felt like they were best friends, I could feel the connection they had with each other.

There wasn’t really a bunch of high school drama and they stayed focused on classes. That one really shocked me because this is the first book that I can remember reading where they didn’t cut class or basically drop out of school all together.

Instead of the drama, it focused on the main points and the budding relationship between the main protagonist and her love interest, who actually helped her through what she needed instead of coddling her.

This is also the first book I’ve read that had a connection to the sea and it wasn’t about mermaids but, that’s my own personal little note.

This was a great read and I can’t wait to go on to the next book.

Thank you for reading my review.



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