Cursed: The Devil’s Roses Book 1


Title: Cursed

Author: TL Brown

Published: February 1, 2011 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: May 4, 2015, free on Kindle then, now $1.99.


Blurb: Sometimes the scariest things in life aren’t the Vampires and the Werewolves. Since the dawn of time there have been things God doesn’t want to know about. Which is why he created the Devil’s Roses.

There is a place between worlds where our souls take a moment, before they go to Heaven. It is a quiet place where everything feels as if it has paused.
It is here that Aimee James first meets him.
He is standing over her dead body.

He is more beautiful than anything she has ever seen.
Waking in the hospital after the first attempt is made on her life, Aimee discovers the missing pieces of her memory may have something to do with the one thing she does remember. A man.

Not just any man, but a beautiful man who has enchanted her from her dreams. No one else saw him or recalls him, but Aimee isn’t convinced that he doesn’t exist.

From the moment she wakes, she is thrust upon a journey that will contradict everything she holds true in the world and reveal secrets about her mother’s untimely death.

In the end Aimee must choose between life and love, as death is forced upon her once again.

Review: This is another book that I just couldn’t finish and I probably would have left it alone and lumped it in with other books I couldn’t finish like I did with the 3 books that I didn’t finish but, it’s been a couple of days since I last posted and I didn’t want to read through another book without posting.

First off, the prologue was highly confusing and didn’t make me want to go on. Too much emotion way too quickly and slapped right in your face. Not really a good way to start off. And maybe don’t make a prologue that’s obviously so far into the book that you’re still in the very beginning by chapter 8.

That’s right, I was at chapter 8, halfway through the book and it’s still on the high school drama of it all with no explanation for the confusing prologue.

It drags so much and just seems to unnecessarily repeat itself over and over, sometimes within the same sentence. I had no desire to read on and was more interested in watching Naruto on Netflix than finishing this book.

It’s forgettable, shallow, and takes too long to get to a point.

Thank you for reading my review.



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