Drowning Mermaids: Sacred Breath Book 1


Title: Drowning Mermaids

Author: Nadia Scrieva

Published: January 15, 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: February 21, 2015, free Paranormal 13 box set on Kindle.


Blurb: Left with no other options, the destitute daughter of a murdered king must flee to Alaska. Doing all she can to keep her younger sisters safe, Aazuria tries to assimilate and work among the Americans. She tries to hold her head up high even in the lowest of places, until she meets a somber man in a dark corner with eyes that remind her of home.

Trevain Murphy is a successful crab fisherman who has spent his life building an empire on the sea. When a graceful dancer captures his attention, he becomes fascinated with her old-fashioned speech and unique mannerisms. Learning that her father has recently died, he cannot resist extending his kindness in offering to guide and protect her.

As it becomes clear that the dark-haired woman is much more than she seems, Trevain is unprepared to uncover the staggering secrets behind her innocent facade. Neither the captain nor the princess can imagine that their lives will become forcibly entwined as a common enemy threatens both of their worlds…

Review: I’m just a little conflicted about this one.

The beginning was so boring that I almost quit and I’m glad that I didn’t. The ending was excellent, it was what I was hoping for but, while the ending was as great as the beginning was boring, the middle is what I’m conflicted about.

I do have to put a warning here, there is the mention of rape a few times in the book, very few, and the bad guys start to manhandle a girl that was just killed before they get beat down.

The action finally picked up, they got in touch with their feelings for each other and it was sweet however, when the mermaid aspect came up, he suddenly turned into a belligerent, close-minded, vicious guy. After being so kind that the reader can’t help but love him, the way he acted was un-called for and very disappointing.

Also, another thing about the beginning, I got so tired of how much he mentioned how young he thought she was. Young this, young that, young, young, young. We get it, you don’t have to mention it every third sentence.

I thought that this book was going to be another bust but, honestly, if it wasn’t for the things I mentioned, this would be a five star. There are so many twist and turns that I’ve got mental whiplash. Thinking that this would turn out to be another one star book had me dragging my heels and it took me a couple of days longer to finish it than I usually would have.

It was very interesting when it finally picked up and got going, especially how the characters handled their rage. It wasn’t handled very well, it was a lot of harsh words and saying things that they didn’t mean to say. I don’t get it but then again, I try to avoid situations like that, I hate confrontation.

All-in-all I would recommend this book to just about anyone, but take it with a grain of salt. The views on this book really could go either way.

Thank you for reading my review.



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