Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series Book 1)

Guardians the Girl

Title: Guardians: The Girl

Author: Lola StVil

Published: January 9, 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: February 21, 2015, free Paranormal 13 box set on Kindle.


Blurb: Emmy – a bookish, witty student – is rescued by six teenaged angels with powers, called Guardians. They’ve been sent to elicit the secret from her before the demons can. Emmy later learns that her name is the only clue to locating a sought-after bridge that for centuries, Evil has plotted to destroy; this would in turn bring about the end of humanity.

Things get worse when Emmy falls madly in love with Marcus, the well-intentioned but obstinate leader of the Guardians. He eventually confesses that he is in love with her as well. Unfortunately, Marcus has been warned by his clairvoyant and omniscient guide that should he and Emmy get together, the mission will fail and humanity will perish.

Review: I don’t even know where to begin with this book. I really don’t want to be rude and bash the author, I really don’t but, it was just so bad. I can’t even believe I got through it. I think the only reason I did was because I don’t like skipping ahead in a series and that’s what this is in, a paranormal book set that I got for free on Amazon.

I really hope that this isn’t the fate of the rest of the books, I loved the first book Darkangel, but the two books after it, Twin Souls, and this one, just were not working for me.

I was just praying to get this book over with, hoping that it was not as long as it seemed, even when I saw that I had quite a bit of book left.

This story was all over the place, I couldn’t keep up. At one part, basically halfway through the book, it switches points of views with no warning whatsoever, taking you back and re-telling the same story you’ve just read. If you want to switch POVs, do it within the chapter itself or use the chapter after it, not halfway through. I was so lost for a few pages.

That wasn’t the only thing either, the writing was so choppy and non-descriptive, it was basically like this; “He did this. He punched him. They did this, who was doing that.” To me, this felt like a rough draft, like she just had an idea and instead of refining it and make it so much better, she just slapped it onto the pages and said ‘Here you go’.

It started out so great, I was interested, the main female protagonist seemed like a really interesting character and it really had so much potential to be better but, then she meets the head honcho of the group and it just goes downhill. The plot is that they need to save the world but that gets overshadowed by all of this drama, it’s just one thing after another.

I could not get connected at all and when something really depressing happened, I didn’t react. There was no emotional connection for me to react. There was no trying to get to know each other, no talking about anything, it was literally, “Oh, I just met you, I love you so much and I’m so, so, so heartbroken because you have a girlfriend.”

That really disappointed me, it just kind of showed teenage girls in a shallow, vapid kind of light where they fall in love with the first hot guy they meet and that’s not true at all.

I would honestly only recommend this to someone going into middle school, that’s how out of focus and all over the place this book is. If anyone else reads my review and decides to read this book and loves it, please contact me, tell me what you loved about it, I would love to know.

Thank you for reading my review.



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