The Dragon King and I: Fairest of Them All Book 1


Title: The Dragon King and I

Author: Adrianne Brooks

Published: December 12th, 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: December 30, 2014, free on Kindle.


Blurb: Alexandria Greyson is cursed! How else can she explain why every man within sniffing distance comes running to her rescue? She’s not even trying the least to look pretty but she attracts men like a magnet. When a man is killed while trying to bring her an umbrella, she realizes that her condition isn’t going away on its own and she’ll need to find a cure if she ever wants to live a normal life.

So when her “Fairy Godmother” sends her on a quest to cure the curse that’s been plaguing her, Alex is doubtful but willing. Together with her beastly Prince Charming, she starts gathering all 6 ingredients that make up the cure. Everything was going smoothly…Until the last ingredient involves the heart of the one person she has learned to love: A dragon’s heart.

Review: This book was mainly a fill in while I waited for other books and I honestly thought that I wasn’t going to get into it at the very beginning but…it won me over quickly. The main female has to deal with a curse, which I will not spoil for you, and goes to find a way to break it, coming into contact with the supernatural, which of course no one knows about because isn’t that how it is in books? No one knows about the supernatural, right?

I’ll tell you a few things though, there’s fairy godmothers, goblins, witches, dragons, and of course, romance. Hopefully that little tidbit will get you curious about this book and let me tell you, it will be worth it.

In some stories, it feels like the woman has to fight just to get the man to smile and I was content with that, not knowing I needed what was in this book. Sam, the main male protagonist, smiles and laughs easily, able to keep up with sassy Alexandria. Another thing is, when he’s embarrassed, he doesn’t get mad. He smiles about it and isn’t afraid of what Alex will think of him. It was like a breath of fresh air and had me smiling and laughing with them.

While it will make you smile, it is also a little bit of a tear jerker and to this reader, that makes a great book. One that can make you emotional because you’ve grown attached to the characters. There are so many twists that you’ll feel like you’re going to get whiplash; they kept me on the edge of my seat and up through the night wanting to get this book finished.

This is a book that I would recommend to anyone, and if it doesn’t get you in the first couple of pages, continue to read, it gets so much better.

Thank you for reading my review.



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