The Alpha’s Mate: The Wolvers Book 1


Title: The Alpha’s Mate

Author: Jacqueline Rhoades

Published: February 15, 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Purchased: January 10, 2015, free on Kindle, now $0.99


Blurb: Welcome to Rabbit Creek….

City girl Elizabeth Reynolds hopes to find peace and contentment in the small Appalachian town of Rabbit Creek. Okay, so the bucolic cottage she’s rented turns out to be a dilapidated cabin without phone service, but the people she meets are wonderful. Friendly and down to earth, they welcome her with open arms. It’s just like moving to Mayberry… if Andy and Aunt Bea were wolves.

Only an outsider would call them werewolves. They’re wolvers, a community of man/beasts that have lived in these hills since their ancestors emigrated from Scotland three hundred years ago. And that gorgeous Chief of Police, Marshall Goodman, the guy she met while covered in mud and wearing granny underpants? The one who sends her heart spinning? He’s their Alpha and his pack is under attack from outside forces. Elizabeth, being a sane and reasonable woman, wants no part of any of this, but if she refuses to risk her life and her heart, the people she’s grown to care about will lose everything and she’ll lose the one man she was born to love.

Review: In all honesty, I only chose to read this book as a filler while waiting for another book to come out. Little did I know that I would become hooked. This has to be one of my favorite books that I know I will be re-reading time and time again. Forty-one chapters long, I thought it would be dragging in areas and just repeating what the readers already know but it was exciting and engaging, keeping this reader on the edge of her seat wondering what would happen next.

Not only was it action-packed, it was funny as well. Some books will have the female protagonist trip over a little something or maybe bump gently into something and say that they’re clumsy and I just can’t really connect to those books because I’m clumsy as well. This book I was able to connect with in that area because Elizabeth is a downright clumsy woman and gets caught in embarrassing situations. Another funny thing that doesn’t usually happen in books, or just in the books I’ve read, is when she meets the guy she falls in love with, she thinks he’s gay.

Usually in other books, when there’s something magical connecting the protagonists together, it’s just them and them alone. Someone may come in and try to break them up but their love will win and blah, blah, blah. The magical connecting element in this story is different as in it affects Elizabeth to be a potential mate to any Alpha and with three Alphas in the story, she struggles with what she doesn’t understand.

Those were just a few of my favorite areas in the book and all-in-all this was a great read and I’m hungry for more. If you’re looking for some paranormal romance to try out or are just looking for a book that will really capture your attention, I would recommend this book.

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